Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Who We Are

The eight women in our group range in age from 28 to 79 and hail from five different countries (Congo-Brazzaville, Sudan, Vietnam, Burma, and Colombia). There will be more information about the women on our website, once I finish it and clear it through LFS. We currently have two volunteers, Annita and me, working on the Initiative. We also have two Sara's. One is the staff member of LFS in charge of RWMI. The other is our contact at Exploris and has been a huge help with organizing the weekly meetings and with our attempts to contact stores who might be interested in selling some of the crafts the women make.

Through a partnership developed last fall with Exploris Museum (and interactive global learning museum in downtown Raleigh), the women are able to come together every Wednesday for about 4 hours to work and socialize in the museums open exhibit setting. Many of them bring their children with them who play with one another and explore the museum. Visitors are encouraged to watch them work and ask questions.


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